Azure Data Engineering

Instructor-Led Training / Workshop / Data & AI

This two-day workshop is an in-depth review of the Azure data platform and tools you can use to perform data engineering tasks. Data engineering is a relatively new role in today’s data-driven organizations. In this course, we define the role of the data engineer on Azure and walk you through the most common challenges and tasks they perform. Learn through hands-on labs, presentations, and Q&A sessions with data engineering experts.

  • Understand the role of the data engineer in Azure
  • Identify and describe the range of Azure data services
  • Define the common data engineering tools and how to use them when performing data engineering workloads in Azure
  • Know common data modeling methods, as well as partitioning and indexing data for performance
  • Perform data engineering tasks, including ETL/ELT, data munging, data exploration, data exploration, and building data pipelines
  • Select the ideal services and tool for various data engineering tasks, especially when the capabilities overlap

Workshop modules

  • Design and implement the serving layer
  • Explore compute and storage options for data engineering workloads
  • Data Exploration and Transformation in Azure Databricks
  • Run interactive queries using Azure Synapse Analytics serverless SQL pools
  • Explore, transform, and load data into the Data Warehouse using Apache Spark
  • Ingest and load data into the data warehouse
  • Transform data with Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipelines
  • Integrate data from Notebooks with Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Pipelines
  • Build reports using Power BI integration with Azure Synapse Analytics
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Course Benefits

Trained by experts

Our instructors are expert practitioners who share their real-world experience and insights into the topics covered by this course in a pragmatic way.

We offer a safe environment where you can experiment with realistic data and ask questions throughout the workshop.

Highly interactive

This course includes lab environments that use realistic data, allowing you to tackle common data issues and challenges encountered “in the wild.” All you need to access the lab environments is a modern web browser.