Training Platform

An event should be an experience. That experience begins with the very first touch point and ends with a lasting memory of time well spent. Our Encore training platform is one aspect of the stellar experiences our live training events consistently deliver.

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Course Guide
Video Conference Environment
Live Training
Recorded Training
Interactive Team Activities
On-Call Trainer Support
Lab Guide
Lab VM
Deployed Lab Resources
Learning Metrics
Lab Evaluation
Cloud Platform
Cost Monitoring & Management
Anti-Fraud Measures
On-Call Infrastructure Tech
Course content created and delivered by Solliance experts
Quick Start
No software to install for each lab
$ Effective
Sandboxed, cost-controlled environments
Deploy complex, solution-oriented labs on auto-pilot
(And Everywhere) Learner requires only a modern web browser
Employer/Sponsor receives performance and progress metrics

Let us help you organize and run an event your attendees will remember. The expert content delivery is the start, the experience is the spark.


Encore lab environment screenshots showing the Azure portal resources and lab instructions.

We provide each attendee a link to their dedicated lab environment.

Each link is unique to the attendee and requires no existing accounts or software.



Encore - Gamify with polls

Attendees submit their answers using the browser on their laptop or mobile device. There is a time limit for folks to answer. After the time expires, proctor can discuss the right and wrong answers with the audience, knowing what might be confusing to the learners.

This mode of interactivity gives our trainers an opportunity to dive deeper into each topic and provides learners a chance to ask questions about the decisions and best practices that lead to each correct answer.



Encore - Whiteboard that contains icons and questions

Whiteboarding is a valuable skill that helps teams brainstorm ideas, think about high-level architecture, and drive conversations around technical and business decisions.

We provide whiteboards that are pre-loaded with icons, questions, and other contextual information to accelerate the activity. Learners drag and drop icons, draw arrows, and add text labels.

Additional Features

The Encore training platform offers more features that lead to a highly engaging experience for your learners. Contact us today to discuss how Encore can work for you!

  • White glove lab onboarding
  • Event registration
  • Professional and celebrity Emcees (e.g. George Howell)
  • Post-event, on-demand access to lab environment
  • Event surveys