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Architecture Design Session (ADS) Workshop

Instructor-Led Training / Workshop / Cloud

An Architecture Design Session (ADS) is an in-depth engagement with customers to help them detail their current project state, envision the project’s end state, and land on a comprehensive plan to get there. We deliver this two-day cloud-focused ADS workshop as a live customer simulation. Throughout the two days, participants learn Solliance’s best practices to master the ADS and work through a tailored case study from requirements gathering through architecture design and a team presentation back to the mock customers.

This workshop challenges attendees to work together across smaller teams as they tackle various parts of a complex customer scenario. They are expected to communicate and collaborate as a larger group to create a single, cohesive solution and presentation back to the customers at the end of the second day. This workshop helps each attendee work on interpersonal, communication, technical, and team collaboration skills.

The following are the specific skills and topics covered within the ADS Workshop experience:

  • Deliver and drive customer engagements
  • Utilize best practices for whiteboarding
  • Assess and identify customer needs and wants
  • Recommend comprehensive solutions to meet customer needs and wants
  • Construct and proposed a custom architecture as agreed upon with customer
  • Create, develop, and deliver professional presentations
  • Analyze ADS techniques and determine when to use them
  • Practice soft skills in a safe environment with trainers role playing as customers
  • Develop strategies for discovery and requirements gathering
  • Plan and prepare for leading ADS-related conversations with customers

Workshop modules

Below is an outline of the two-day schedule.

Day 1
  1. Presentation: The ADS process and best practices
  2. Presentation: Customer case study introduction
  3. Team Activity: Review case study within small teams
  4. Group Activity: Discovery call with the customer (trainers role-playing as the customer)
Day 2
  1. Team Activity: Whiteboard design session
  2. Group Activity: Follow-up customer call
  3. Team Activity: Complete whiteboarding and prepare presentation
  4. Group Activity: Present proposed solution on call with the customer (trainers role-playing as the customer)
  5. Discussion: Feedback & recap
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Course Benefits

Trained by experts

Our instructors are expert practitioners who share their real-world experience and insights into the topics covered by this course in a pragmatic way.

We offer a safe environment where you can practice your soft skills during realistic simulated customer interactions. Our instructors have ample experience being on both sides of the table when conducting or participating in Architecture Design Sessions throughout their careers. They can offer useful perspectives and valuable insight to help you level up your skills.

Highly interactive

This course is light on presentations, instead focusing on team work to solve challenges, create architecture diagrams, build a presentation, and interact with a customer. The customer scenario covers many functional areas, including apps, infrastructure, data, ML, and security. Due to the cross-functional nature of the scenario, we encourage attendees to self-organize and collaborate in a way that maximizes the contributions of each person. You will gain the most from this workshop when you step out of your comfort zone.